Marketers ruin everything. Time for a B2B social media disruption!

Marketers ruin everything. Time for a B2B social media disruption!

“Marketers ruin everything” according to Gary Vee. They come into a channel with great reach, game the system, scale up the volume and essentially change the landscape for good. They ruined email, AdWords, Twitter and Facebook. Now they’re ruining LinkedIn! The last bastion of organic reach in my social media world. It is about time a B2B social media disruptor emerges to legitimately take market share from LinkedIn.

This is why the marketers are going to ruin LinkedIn

The latest Facebook algorithm changed a few things. Think of this like a dislodged horde of nomadic tribespeople.

This coincides with the rolling out of native video on LinkedIn. The horde has somewhere to go!

This perfect storm of events will now change LinkedIn. My feed has already filled up with video content designed to light up my reticular activation system…

There’s Neil angrily teleporting from side to side (he kind of looks like he is trapped in the screen):

Ladbible, still licking their wounds from the latest Facebook algorithm will soon be blocking up half my LinkedIn feed with inane “office bants.”

The other half will be blocked up by Oleg sycophants and schmaltzy fictitious drivel bestowing life lessons from ficticious events.

Social media “story-telling” has hit new lows on LinkedIn as the platform has been hit by plagiarism and pathological lying on an industrial scale.

Most updates that gain taction are either a complete fabrication by the author or simply stolen and repurposed as their own.

If you copied other peoples’ statuses and started lying on Facebook people would think you were some kind of sociopath, but it’s suddenly okay if you are trying to land a B2B sale.

Not even the crusty corporates that comprise the “This is not Facebook police” can save us now! After their many years as dutiful corporate guardians of the ‘professional network’ hivemind, their dismay will be drowned in a sea of memes (I actually posted a meme to one of Neil Patel’s posts this morning).

Is the B2B social media space ripe for disruption?

Linkedin has been sat at the top for so long. Is it time for a reordering? We have a classic ‘Innovator’s Dilemma scenario’ occurring.

Will someone enter the space with a social media platform where corporate warriors can proudly declare “THIS IS NOT LINKEDIN!”

It all depends on how LinkedIn will react.

Will LinkedIn become video first (it is harder to fake authenticity on video)?

Will there be an algorithmic crackdown?

In the meantime, I will be making some prefrontal cortex buzzing videos and milking LinkedIn for all the sweet organic reach it’s got whilst grabbing first mover advantage on the next thing that looks like a B2B social media platform. 

What will you be doing to capitalise on the B2B social media reordering?

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