Get Into Marketing With The Best Marketing Podcasts

Get Into Marketing With The Best Marketing Podcasts

Things move quickly in the tech world and there’s always more to learn about digital marketing if you are trying to stay ahead of the curve (or even just get into marketing in the first place!). The good news is that there’s loads of high-quality content out there…for free!

Take podcasts for example.

The beauty of podcasts is the way you can consume the content while you’re doing other tasks such as travelling to work in the morning, cooking, taking the dog for a walk, cleaning the house, doing the gardening, the list goes on.

I think that one of the most effective ways you can consume podcast content is in the morning on your way to work. Meaning you get a couple of takeaway/action points you can bang straight into Todoist or Trello – do this every day, and this will help you move from your current role and get into marketing.

If you are looking to get into marketing then the following podcasts will really help you out…

Gary Vee Audio Experience Podcast

The Gary Vee Audio Experience

Great podcast to listen to in the car on your way to work, Gary has the energy of a motivational speaker but is a legit marketer – a preacher for the ‘Church of Digital’. If you work in social media, sales or ‘social sales’, you will be able to get some great stuff from Gary.

This podcast is also great if you’re running an agency, as Gary’s Agency VaynerMedia has snowballed since 2009. He credits his leadership success mainly to being an HR-focused CEO, so any ambitious agency owners will find this content useful also.

The ‘Everyman’ approach of Gary would make this the ‘go to’ podcast for scrappy hustlers, with small budgets, which are looking to develop a business of their own. Also, this one is great if you’re a fresh grad or you want to switch your career to digital marketing, and you’re looking for ways to navigate past the age-old problem of ‘getting a job without experience/getting experience without a job.’

Recommended Episodes:

The Gary Vee Audio Experience pumps out a lot of good content. However, the #AskGaryVeeShow repurposed for the podcast is where the magic happens.

Marketing School Podcast

Marketing School

Short and sweet episodes of marketing insight provided in shots of around 5 minutes in length.

Hosted by Eric Sui (agency owner/digital influencer) and digital marketing behemoth/SEO expert Neil Patel. What makes this podcast so great is that it succinctly covers one specific point in each episode, so you know what you are getting before listening. The two thought leaders then provide some insightful and often actionable takeaway points for each topic.

Recommended Episodes:

It is hard to pin down a favourite episode here because they occur daily and they are short and to the point – how good each one depends on how relevant it is on that particular day! In short, I would recommend them all. However, some of my ‘starred’ instalments include:

⭐️ 7 Ways You Can Add Link Building to Your Daily Routine | Ep. #230

⭐️ How to Scale Content Marketing Without Hiring More People | Ep. #228

⭐️ 7 Free Marketing Tools that You Ought to Use | Ep. #222

Social Pros Podcast

Another Podcast from Convince and Convert (the others will probably get added to the list once I get around to listening to them).

Many of these episodes are hosted by digital thought leader Jay Baer. What I like about this podcast is that it covers a great mix of B2B and B2C social media use as well as a tactics, strategy and case studies from a range of verticals including companies like Maersk – who you would not ordinarily associate with cutting edge use of social media!

Recommended Episodes:

⭐️ Social Pros 6 – Instagram Lessons from a Giant B2B Company (I am a bit bias here as I work in B2B!)

Growth Everywhere

Hosted by Agency owner Eric Sui, this podcast has some great guests and mostly focusses around how entrepreneurs use digital marketing and technology to grow their businesses. The guests have gone through the gauntlet of entrepreneurship and have come out the other side to share their story. A lot of the success stories involve software or saas products getting built from the ground up so as you can imagine a great deal of the stories cover ‘growth hacking’ and clever uses of digital marketing budget allocation to get the job done!

There are some fantastic regular questions asked of the guests such as: “advice you would give your 25-year-old self?” and “recommend the best book to read” – this is a great way to learn about learning and get those recommended books into Todoist for later consumption.

Recommended Episodes:

⭐️ Ep48: How A Middle School Dropout Built A 50 Million Pageview Site At Age 12 And Is Continuing To Crack The Secret To Virality (Emerson Spartz)

⭐️ GE 152: How HubSpot Skyrocketed from $0 to $200M By Combining Inbound Marketing + World Class Sales Training (podcast)

Six Pixels of Separation

This podcast has more of a ‘chatshow vibe to it.’ I once listened to it for circa 7 hours on a round trip from Bristol to Manchester – it’s that kind of podcast.

Host Joel Mitch is an agency man with a background in music journalism so as you can imagine he is a slick communicator and has some great guests on.

Recommended Episodes:

⭐️ SPOS #549 – The Intersection Of Marketing And Analytics With Avinash Kaushik

⭐️ SPOS #573 – The Realities Of Finding Your Passion With Corey Poirer

This Old Marketing

Hosted by Kevin Rose and Joe Pulizzi, this is a high production value podcast from the Content Marketing Institute.

Kevin Rose engages the audience with a little introduction before each episode.

The hosts go through the latest news stories of what has been happening in the world of content marketing adding their insights, views and opinions as they go along – such as being adamant that Apple will buy Disney!

Recommended Episodes:

The Tim Ferriss Show

This podcast is a bit of a mishmash of biohacking, life hacking and just general hacking. If there is one thing to take away though it is that Tim Ferriss has the mind of a fantastic marketer. He dissects and backwards engineers the way things work – this is the type of mindset that I believe will get you ahead in the digital marketing game.

Recommended Episodes:

⭐️ Arnold Schwarzenegger Interviews: Part 1 Part 2

Of course, Arnie is not a digital marketer, however, if you have read his book you will know that he is a straight up hustler! Before he even found success in the movies, he was a successful businessman with real estate, construction and health and fitness businesses. This episode provides a great insight into the mind of a pre-digital marketer/hustler who understands the game of brand, reputation, and getting your name out there.

⭐️#249 How to make a difference and find your purpose – Blake Mykoskie

Blake is the founder of TOMS shoes (that’s right his name is not Tom!), this episode tells the story of his journey and how he got to the position he is in today. This episode is a fantastic piece of content about brand and brand storytelling.


This one is quite new to me but I am certainly going to be listening more. Michael Clarke is the host for this one (Copyblogger, Rainmaker Digital, Rainmaker.FM). As the title suggests “Unemployable” has a bit of an entrepreneurial slant with the content focused toward freelancers and entrepreneurs.

However, there are plenty of episodes about social media and content marketing to get stuck into which is all the more pertinent if you are working in a fast-paced scrappy marketing department.

Recommended Episode:

⭐️ 8 Ways Startups Can Make Money with an Online Audience | 21st June 2017

This episode features The Content Marketing Institute’s very own Joe Pulizzi who talks about how building your audience before your product/service is a great way to start a business venture. As you probably guessed from the title, he then discusses how you can monetise this audience.

Honourable Mention – Macro Environment

Learning about digital marketing is more than just copying tactics from podcasts. I believe that to get ahead you have to have a more comprehensive understanding of economics, the ‘macro-environment’ and the way technology changes the digital marketing landscape.

That is why I have included these further podcasts. They’re not about digital marketing but broadly cover business, management and economics, helping you devise and develop your strategies and tactics.

⭐️ BBC Radio 4 – The Bottom Line

⭐️ HBR Ideacast

⭐️ Freakonomics Radio

⭐️ Econtalk

Thanks for reading. If you have any podcast recommendations I would love to hear them! Also, if you are looking to get into marketing and want some advice then please drop me an email or comment below.

I have also created a Twitter that you can subscribe to – this is a live document so I will be expanding as I discover more. Gives you a chance to engage with each influencer:

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