Early Stage Startup Tip: Learn About Digital Marketing From The Best…For Free!

Being an entrepreneur is the new sexy thing to be.

You’re your own boss, working where you want, when you want, sharing pictures of yourself on Instagram with baby giraffes – living the dream!

Unfortunately, your dream is going to become a nightmare unless you learn about digital marketing – channels you are going to be using day in day to build your brand and sell your product/service.


Surely you can just outsource…can’t you?

I know what you’re thinking – “I will just outsource the marketing to someone else,” well that’s all good, but if you don’t have a decent understanding of marketing then you could get sucked in by a self-proclaimed “marketing guru.”

These masters of manipulation will whisper ‘sweet nothings’ about vanity metrics in your ear. They’re going to take your money in exchange for the basics that you could have learnt for free in the first place.

They’re probably going to take pictures of themselves rolling around naked on their bed with your cash and a baby tiger, sharing it on Instagram. The cycle of deception continues.

'Marketing guru' Instagram campaign

Sarah’s ‘likebait’ campaign was a resounding success – $1 per irrelevant Instagram follower

Now I am not saying that you should not outsource your marketing function, but if you learn about digital marketing you will be able to:

  1. not fail spectacularly because of ignorance in what is a fundamental business function;
  2. not get your pants pulled down by some digital marketing huckster;
  3. Know what you want when it comes to hiring your ‘Head of Marketing’ – you will be able to tell if the person is who they say they are.

Learn from the best marketing brains out there…for free!

So it turns out there are plenty of digital marketing thought leaders out there who are more than happy to share a wealth of knowledge with you through various mediums. Blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, social media, it’s all out there and free to consume!

A few of my favourite thought leaders include:

  • Eric Sui – Founder of Single Grain, host of Growth Everywhere and co-host of Marketing School
  • Neil Patel – Digital thought leader, co-host of Marketing School and serial entrepreneur
  • Gary Vaynerchuk – Leader of revolutionary media agency, social media thought leader and Grand Emperor of the ‘Vayner Nation’
  • Randy Fishkin – SEO legend and ‘Wizard of Moz’. His ‘White Board Friday’ videos on YouTube are particularly noteworthy.

As you can see these guys pretty much cover all the bases and deliver their content in a variety of ways that you can consume the way you like.

I guess you are probably thinking “if they are giving all this away for free it can’t be that useful” well it is and here is why…

Free Marketing Resources?

I guess you are probably thinking “if they are giving all this away for free it can’t be that useful” well it is and here is why…

A good marketer will give away valuable information because they know A) If it works well you are coming back for more B) even if they give away their best stuff they are not worried that others will copy it because a lot of people are too busy, lazy or just not talented enough to become a threat.

Personally, I love podcasts. Eric Sui does a podcast called Growth Everywhere which is all about how founders have grown their companies (this typically involves different types of digital marketing channels).

Eric Sui’s other podcast is pound for pound the best marketing podcast out there –Marketing School. Marketing School episodes seldom go over 10 minutes in length, in each episode Eric Sui is jamming with digital marketing god Neil Patel about a specific topic.

These episodes are very useful as you get instant access to the marketing brain of a bona fide marketing guru on any specific subject – no filler content, just a concentrated injection of value straight into your neocortex.

Matrix Kung-fu meme "I know Google Analytics"

This literally happened after to listening to an episode of Marketing School.

Gary Vaynerchuk (AKA Gary Vee) is another straight up practitioner who not only provides you with ‘what is up’ in the world of social media he will light a solar flare up your ass when it comes to learning about the beautiful digital arts of “attention arbitrage.” Gary’s energy makes you want to take on the world and run through a wall and napalm your competition (metaphorically speaking of course).

"You're gonna die" Gary Vaynerchuck quote

Gary Vee has a way with words

“it’s not just a truth bomb, it’s a prolonged bombardment of truth bombs followed by a building-to-building truth assault where false perceptions are stabbed in the face with reality bayonets”

To be honest, at first glance he does come across as a mix between a guy off Jersey Shore and Tony Robbins. You may find your internal huckster alarm going off –  but all you need to do is a bit of research, and then you find out he is the real deal and operating a beast of digital agency. He has some great guests on his YouTube channel, and his videos also end up on his ‘Audio Experience’ that can be consumed via your ears if you would prefer.

The #AskGaryVee show is a great show. Gary has recently changed the format of his show to a phone-in format where he drops truth bombs on disillusioned millennials, here is a recent truth bomb here is a recent truth bomb that gives you a flavour how he keeps it real. It’s not just a truth bomb; it’s a prolonged bombardment of truth bombs followed by a building-to-building truth assault where false perceptions are stabbed in the face with reality bayonets.

Coming Soon…

Do you think that you want to learn in a more structured way and fork out a load of money to do a course on digital marketing, think again!

I will show you the best way to a free digital marketing education with the help of Google, Hubspot, LinkedIn Learning and a marketing textbook – kind of like Macgyver.

Macgyver quote for digital marketing - no paperclip